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#77 – .RAR

.RAR was a 10 days group residency, hostingin Institutfor(x) in Aarhus, Denmark six emerging artists from Riga, Aarhus and Reykjavik from April 1st till 10th, 2022. The intention of the temporary collective of cross-disciplinary artists was to create new art works through collaboration and exploration of the local context.


Participants Águsta Björnsdottir (Reykjavík), Hubert Karminski (Aarhus), Einar Olafsson (Reykjavík), Martina Rouskova (Aarhus), Filips Staņislavskis (Riga), Līga Ūbele (Riga) were sharing their knowledge and skills, took part in Saxo-lithography workshop facilitated by artist Niels Peitersen, double diamonds workshop facilitated by Jeppe Pachai, had a guided tour around the Institutefor(X) by its co-founfer Mads Peters Laursen.


The final event HEF MÁL (from Icelandic: 'have voice') took place in the gallery Tese (Arhus). Participants presented art works created during the residency to the public in a form of exhibition and art performance.


The residency was moderated by Jimmy Sommer (the Black Box), Vivian Vesterager and Sofie Bach (Institut for (X)), Elín Ramette (FÚSK Gufunes) and Kaspars Lielgalvis (Totaldobže Art Centre, Black Holes).


Hosts of the .RAR residency – the Black Box, the Institutefor(X) (Aarhus, Denmark), co-organizers – the FÚSK Gufunes (Reykjavik, Iceland) and the Black Holes (Riga, Latvia). It took place in the Institutefor(X) (Aarhus) and was supported by PUKK (Puljen for unge kunst og kultur) and NUBF.

Everybody arrives one day before the residency starts and local hosts Jimmy Sommer (the Black Box), Vivian Vesterager and Sofie Bach invite for the welcome dinner


The first days of the residency for getting to know each other, the location – blindfolded walk, portfolio presentations, guided tour, impro installations

Morning circle for warming up and planning the day

Share you splendor – workshop facilitated by participants and hosts

More sharing and collaborating