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‘’The Black Hole’’ project is calling for artists of any speciality to participate in a 3-week residency in Riga, Latvia. The aim of residency is to foster creative freedom, explore local context and encourage collaboration and interdisciplinary experiments between participants.

The chosen building for this residency was constructed in 1974, originally as the Central Committee’s headquarters of Communist Party of Soviet Latvia, later becoming a World Trade Centre. In the upcoming months it will come to life for a social experiment gathering bright minds in a celebration festival for ‘’Rīgas Laiks’’ – a magazine for free thinkers and intellectuals. There will be exhibitions, discussions, concerts, raves and other events.

In 3 weeks, we’ll have 6 artists getting to know each other and familiarising themselves with the environment and happenings around them. There will be workshops with experienced professionals from various fields (see below) offering participants methods and inspiration on how to approach their work and explore beyond the usual. Once a week there will be a presentation within a small group of people on what the artists have come up with so far and in conclusion of the residency – a bigger opening event to showcase the finished works to public. The process of residency will be moderated by the "Black Hole" founders – the head of the Totaldobže Art Centre Kaspars Lielgalvis and artist Laura Prikule.

Time period of this residency is from October 23rd until November 12th 2023.

The participation fee is 150 EUR (if accommodation is not needed).
For participants, who need accommodation participation fee is 400 EUR. Artists are responsible for their travel and food expenses. There will be a dedicated workspace and a common kitchen for family-style cooking of meals. It is a tradition in Black Hole residencies to share each culture through food and to get to know each other as a person. Participants will also have a free pass to other events in the house.

To apply for this residency or clear up any questions, please contact

Applications must include CV and portfolio along with a short description of why you would like to participate.

Application deadline: October 1st

Selected participants:
Aina Bikše, Niks Edušs, Sabīne Silarāja, Patrīcija Vilsone, Lidija Zaneripa.

Experts, who are giving input through talks and workshops:

Philosophers Arnis Rītups, Uldis Tīrons, antropologist Dace Dzenovska, theatre director Olga Meļņikova, architect Andis Sīlis, creator of Latvian state brand Jānis Nīgals, creativity expert Jonathan Howard.

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