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The Totaldobže Art Centre offers a residency spaces in the culture hub VISKAĻI (36 Viskaļi Street, Riga, Latvia) managed by the temporary use organisation Free Riga.

There are 6 studios available in the building of more then 200 studios, workshops of artists, craftsmen, small creative enterprises and NGO offices. Next to the studio building is located the non-formal concert hall, gallery and bar run by The Totaldobže Art Centre.

Studios are with one or two rooms. Kitchen, bathroom, WC is shared by all residents of all 6 studios of The Totaldobže Art Centre residency. The length of stay can be from few days up to 1 year according to the needs of the resident – artist, composer, choreographer, writer or other type of art creater.


Residents have to cover flights, living and accommodation expences on their own. The costs of the accommodation is according to the lenght of stay and number of rooms – avarage 400 EUR per one room studio per month or 600 EUR per two room studio per month.

We will be happy to answer you questions, provide with invitation letters, offer exhibition or performance options or collaboration possibilities with local artists from any discipline of art.

The Totaldobže Art Centre has a history of organizing interdisciplinary experimental activities and events and hosting international artists in different locations around Latvia and few times outside – in Estonia, Spain and Denmark since 2010.

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